Firstborn Bible College is established with a clear vision – to be a means by which Believers / Christian leaders / church workers could be trained around the world, right from their own home. Firstborn Bible College is affiliated with Dayspring Theological University, Texas, USA. Transworld Accrediting Commission International approved Dayspring Theological University. Firstborn Bible College offers a variety of courses, regular and all online.



Today’s church is encountering challenges never before seen. If the church is to become a hospital for souls, then it must acquire the adequate training to develop therapeutical solutions to properly orient the church in harsh times. Our School of Counseling is focused on training professional Christian therapists to provide therapy, psychotherapy and counseling that’s sensitive to Christian cultural issues. The educational programs presented by DTU are unequaled in their field. Through our courses you will gain the greatest degree of knowledge possible. You will be given a syllabus and homework assignments that confront the issues of today, as well as obtain practice on the field as you work cases. We invite you to be a part of this fascinating journey and experience God’s healing at work through Christian Counseling.



Students working in groups to complete a specific task or to work together over time to complete various assignments. The most productive collaborations involve a fair division of labor and relevant and complex projects that cannot be completed by an individual alone. Interdependence is required. For this reason, DTU prefers to interact live in our classroom setting.

Free Bible Courses

Certificate of Theological Studies (1 year)
Associates in Theological Studies (2 year)
Ministerial Diploma (3 years)
Bachelor of Theological Studies (4 years))

If you are living in Chennai you can join our free Bible Courses. We are having 7 Bible College centers in Chennai.

Women Collective Campus
Behind Periyar Nagar E.B
10, East Street
Chennai – 600 099

Timings: Every Saturday 3.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Contact: 8682956008

Our free course centers in Chennai


Rev. Bernardshaw
Church of The Word

165 East Balaji Nagar
Kallikuppam police booth
Murugampedu Road
Chennai – 600053

Timings: Every Saturday and Sunday @ 6.30 PM
Contact: 9940056734


Pr. Joseph Daniel
Beraya Bethel Assembly

Plot 48B 4th Street
Velmurugan Nagar
Surapet Road
Chennai – 600099

Timings: Every Saturday @ 7.00 PM
Contact: 9884281117


Pr. Benjamin
Maruruba Magimaiyin Sabai

116 Railway Station Road
Periya Anupampattu
Ponneri – 601203

Timings: Every Thursday @ 6.30 PM
Contact: 9841847022


Pr. Yesu Patham
Trinity Full Gospel Church

Kottai Kuppam
Thanakulam (near Janapan satiram cross road)

Timings: Every Saturday @ 5.00 PM
Contact: 8939032489


Pr. Raj
Church of Christ

2/60 Alli Nagar
Chennai – 600067

Timings: Every Sunday @ 5.30 PM
Contact: 9445359250


Pr. S. David
New Zion Church

13 Appu Street
Chennai – 600039

Timings: Every Monday @ 7.00 PM
Contact: 9444649632


We make a genuine call to Ministers, church leaders, professional and pastoral counselors, and members of the body of Christ who have a desire ministry training in the areas of Theology, Ministry, Christian Education, and Christian Counseling. Given the daily occupations, inconveniences or economical hardships, many members of the body of Christ cannot attend traditional college or Seminary. We understand these inconveniences; this is why we offer a comfortable system of attendance for the student, while at the same time, a window of opportunity to achieve the goal of obtaining superior ministerial education.